Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sorry I've been silent...

Hi everyone.  Sorry I've been silent on here for a few days (literally, I've barely spoken in a few hurts too badly).  I came down with a really bad case of strep throat on Sunday.  Fevers of 103, swollen glands, chills, sweating, enormous tonsils covered in who knows what, exruciating pain when swallowing or talking, no eating, severe headaches, nausea, body name it, I've had it!!  I went to the immediate care center on Monday and they gave me Amoxicillin.  Well, I haven't gotten to feeling any better, so I decided to see my real doctor today and they determined that I have penicillin resistant strep, so now I'm on a Z-pack.  Don't you just hate being sick?  All I have to say about strep is...insert a picture of me sticking my tongue out making a zerbert sound.  Doesn't this stupid sickness know I've got stuff to do?  My house is a holy terror, my son missed his book report due date, my husband forgot to ask the baseball coach some very important questions the other night in my absence, dinners have gone by the wayside, and on and on and on.  All I have to say is that I had better be feeling better tomorrow because I have a school field trip to chaperone and my son will be devastated if I can't go.  I'll probably just have to suck it up and go no matter how I feel. 

Despite the earlier comment about my husband, I feel that I must give him a shout out here.  He took the day off on Monday to care for the kids and cart them to and from school.  He has made sure that they have been fed and that the laundry has been done.  He really is the best...even if he can't remember things sometimes!!

I must admit one thing though...all this time on the couch has led me to catch up on my DVR watching which is really nice.  However, I really miss my little guys.  I'm totally a cuddler and I really don't want to make them sick!  My littlest buddy has come up to me several times with his precious little lips pursed for a kiss (he looks like a little piggy when he does's too cute), and it breaks my heart to tell him that mommy can't give him one!  He'd better watch out, because when I feel better he's going to get more smooches than he bargained for!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, I WILL be feeling better soon (don't you love the positive attitude, or is that just me telling this strep thing who's boss?) and will have more to share!  You may remember my promise of a pinwheel tutorial...we'll it's still in the works.  Thanks for being patient!

Also, I wanted to say welcome to our two newest followers, Christine and Magda!!  Thanks for joining us ladies!!  Hope to hear from you gals in the future!



  1. Hi Kate,Uhhh I sure hope you are feeling better really soon. The Z-Pac is one of the best so give it 24-48hrs and you should start feeling better.I just found your site and will sign up to follow.Feel better...Hugs Gayle

  2. Hope you get to feeling better. I've have one of those hang on coughs for what seams like months! THINK SPRING!!! SandyT

  3. Having strep throat sucks I know, when I was younger I was prone to having them and almost got my tonsils removed because of it. I hope you feel better! btw I just awarded you “The Versatile Blogger” Award. Check out my blog to receive it =)


  4. hope your feeling much better soon! Momo sent me and now I am a followe