Monday, March 14, 2011

First Easter Card of the Season

As I mentioned in my last post, my SIL and I went to the Creating Keepsakes convention this weekend, and we purchased the Sure Cuts A Lot software (SCAL).  I cannot express how much I adore this product!!  While it takes a little research to figure out how to turn a jpg file into an svg file, once you do, the possiblities are endless!! 

So, I found this swirly pattern on the internet by googling "swirl images."  I was able to convert it to an svg file using Inkscape and then cut it out using my Cricut!  Amazing!!!

So, this is my first Easter card of the season.  More to come...



  1. Very pretty. I love the swirly pattern. I don't have SCAL so I'll look in my carts to see if I have something similar. I want to make one like it. It's a nice grown up card. Thaks for sharing.


  2. an SCAL girl, eh? Have you heard of Make the Cut? I'm just curious if you compared the two and why you chose SCAL. I just don't know that I'm willing to do the extra work...but I am often intrigued....