Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pop-up Birthday Cake Card

Well, I've done it!!  I've made my first video tutorial!  I have learned a lot during this first attempt, and while this one turned out OK (for a first timer), there are several adjustments I will make for the next one.  I will be moving the camera so that it is easier for me to stay in the middle of the frame, and I will also be using a higher quality resolution. 

Anyway, on to the card.  I saw a  an example of this pop-up birthday cake card online here and thought that I would give it a try myself.  I'm really excited about how it turned out!  All of the measurements and other details are included in the video.  I hope you give it a try too!




  1. Very cute card! Great video! I'm glad I found you on the Cricut MB! :D


  2. Great stuff Kate! Make sure you're putting all this on the Cricut MB's, I'm sure a Chirp shout-out is in your future!

  3. Very wonderful card.... excellent tutorial. Yay.... Thanks for making a sweet comment on my BBTB2 card and for being a follower.

  4. Really great idea. I hope to try this out this weekend, time permitting! Thanks for giving the measurements...that's a HUGE help!

  5. Wow Kate! I just had a chance to check out your new blog. Your cards are great!! I didn't realize that you are so talented!!! I'll have to show this to Delaney, she will love your videos. She really enjoys crafts! Tina

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