Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sheltering Tree

So last night I was dragged (drug??) to aerobics by my good friend Betsy (thanks Betsy!!), and I heard the most amazing song while there!  The class is a Christian aerobics class and they play all Christian music, and as we were starting to cool down the song "Sheltering Tree" came on.  Here is a sampling of the lyrics:

it's been said a friend is like a mighty sheltering tree
a place of refuge we can run when trouble comes for you and me
someone we can count on through the thick and thin
when the storms of life are blowing, there's
just nothing like a friend

we all need sheltering trees
friends in our lives who'll get down on their knees
and lift us up before the king of kings
we all need sheltering trees

I was so moved by this song for many reasons!  I know that I have had friends like this in my life and I totally want to be this kind of friend for others!!  Anyway, when I saw the BBTB2 challenge this week (incorporate a ladybug into your card design), I knew that I wanted to incorporate the lyrics of this song.  So...here's my take!  I hope you like it!!



  1. Very cute card. I love the story behind it.


  2. Love the card and the song is so touching. Thanks for sharing both! Have a wonderful day!

  3. What a great card. Love the card and meaning of it!!


  4. What a wonderful card and sentiment. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2.

  5. Waht fabulous inspriation! Love your card. thanks for joining us at BBTB2 xxD

  6. I have now bought that album thanks to working out to that song...love how those classes help us through all areas of life. Hope to see you there tonight, singing along! Cute card, too...

  7. I just love how you were inspired to make this card. This is just gorgeous. Thanks for playing with us at BBTB2.