Monday, January 2, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Hi friends!  Today was soooo productive!!  I'm so proud of myself!  I got the two upstairs bathrooms totally cleaned (including the big jetted tub that we never use - it just collects dust), all the beds changed, all the towels changed, all the laundry put away, haircuts done for all 3 boys, huge grocery run done and put away, and baths and all the essential grooming for all 3 boys done too!!  I think we are all ready for tomorrow back to school and work!  I have really loved the time that we have had off together...especially this past week with John home too...but I'm really looking forward to getting back to a routine.  I know that I'll be hoping for another long break soon, but for now I'm going to relish in the regularity of a routine. 

Today's project is the one that I did for the boys' teachers this Christmas.  Last year after Christmas I found these really great magnetic boards at Target on clearance.  They came with the cute little magnets, and were covered in the great green damask paper you see here.  What you don't see pictured is the cute black velvet ribbon that is attached on the back to hang the board on the wall.  I decided that I wanted to customise these a little bit so I added the teacher's intial at the top and a flourish on each side.  Here are some closeups:

Having been a teacher before, I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed a gift like this!  I sure hope they did!

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