Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stamps for Sale!!

Hi everyone!!  Today's post is something I've never done before...I'm selling off some of my stamp collection.  When I first got into the world of stamping, I was introduced to The Angel Company, which I'm sad to say is no longer in business.  After being introduced to this unique company, I purchased quite a few of their sets, but I find that I am no longer using them!!  They all stamp perfectly...I just don't need them, and I want to make room for NEW stuff!  So, I thought that maybe some of my "old" stuff could become some of YOUR "new" stuff! 

All of my TAC stamps are stored in CD cases, and I have taken pictures of them either individually or in groups.  What you see in the picture is what you get for the price indicated below the pic.  The prices all include shipping within the US.  (International buyers will need to pay actual shipping prices.)  Many of these stamps are no longer in their original "sets", I have sort of made my own "sets", and I don't know the "official" names of any of the sets I have, so I've given them my own names too.  If you are interested in something, you may email me at .  If you would like multiple sets or would like to make me an offer, I am negotiable! sorry for the photo quality here...for some reason I just couldn't keep a steady hand tonight!

Thanks so much for looking!


Fancy Bet - $5

Random Christmas $4

Seasons - $4

Medallions - $4

Potted Plants - $5

Flourishes - $4

Fancy Flourishes - $4

Grunge Alphabet - $5

Christmas and New Years - $3

Birthday - $3

Butterflies and Random Flowers - $4

Fairy and Stars - $3

Christmas Threes - $5

Circle Bet - $4

Christmas Stretch - $3

Random - $4

Tiny Birthday - $4

Sprouts - $5

Tags - $5

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