Monday, September 19, 2011

My latest adventure!

Hi everyone!  While I haven't been posting for a while, I can promise you I have been a busy little crafter!  I am embarking on a new adventure...I've started selling my work!  I've wanted to do this for some time, but I hadn't yet found the right outlet...that was until my friend Laura introduced me to the sweetest gal (Shannon) who owns a little baby boutique in town (Mama's Hip).  Shannon was looking for someone to supply her store with some handmade cards, and Laura suggested we meet.  Well long story short...Shannon agreed to give me a little space in her store to start selling!  I have made up some business cards and I'm hoping that someone may even be interested in having me make some custom projects for them.  I'm so excited!

I am actually selling my cards to Shannon at wholesale prices, so this is not really the way to turn a big profit, but it's definitely a start.  Shannon asked me to make 30 cards to start with, so I decided to make 6 designs and make 5 of each design.  So, I plan to share one card a day with you for the next week or so.  Keep in mind that this is a baby boutique so all of these cards are baby themed. 

The first card I have to share is a shower card that would be appropriate for a mom expecting a boy, girl or a ??? baby.  The background is white cardstock layered with kraft.  I used the April Showers cart for the umbrella and cut it in white cardstock. 

The strip across the front is cut from PTI's Hawaiian Shores cardstock in the shape of PTI's Half & Half pattern.  I have the Half & Half stamp set, but I have not yet purchased the die set, so I just stamped one of the shapes onto some cardstock and cut around with scissors.  I then used this as a pattern to make the ones that went on the cards.  I used my computer to print the "May you be...with love" sentiment, and I used my gypsy and created the Shower cut using Gypsy Wanderings (Shower), Lyrical Letters (e) and Jasmine (d).  This was cut on white cardstock and stretegically applied to the Hawaiian Shores layer.  I love the way that this card turned out and I sure hope the store patrons like it too!

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  1. Congrats on your new adventure. I love your cards (cricut MB). You have a neat, clean style. This card is definitely "boutique-ish." Can't wait to see the rest of your posts.

  2. Good for you! I hope you do well and enjoy this new outlet for your card making and crafting!! This card is great!!